In need of a short term or long term office copier or printer?

We carry state of the art  equipment, fast delivery and with IT Support –  Rent color or black & white copiers in large quantities for your temporary office setup. All of our copiers can be networked for large applications and are available with fast delivery and professional setup. We have been supporting the twin Cities market for over 25 years. We can deliver you copier or printer to any Convention Center,  or hotel, and anywhere in the US!

Xerox Copier Rentals

Nationwide short term copier rentals


  1. Copier/Printer/Multi-Function rentals include all service & maintenance, parts, toner, and supplies.  Customer only pays for paper.
  2. There are no long term contracts or lease agreements to sign.
  3. Wide selection of quality Business Copiers, Printers & MFP’s to fit your Imaging needs.  Photocopiers and Printer/Multi-Function
    Copier & printer rentals
    Copiers Rented In The US

    on Units can include Feeders, Sorters, (Duplex = Two Sided), Multiple Paper Trays, and Stapling.

  4. You can always change or cancel your program.  You can upgrade your copier anytime or get a smaller copier/printer.
  5. Our Month to Month Copier/Printer Rental Program means, no obligations to a long term contract or lease.
  6. Copier/Printer/Tech Service Staff are available throughout the Minneapolis /St. Paul Twin Cities Area 24/7 (optional).
  7. We are able to deliver your Copier/Printer the next day.

JR Copier of Minnesota short-term rental services provides copier – printer rental agreements that span one year or less. For information on these products or contract terms that are longer than one year.

  • Law Firm War Rooms

  • Audio Visual Companies

  • Special Scanning Projects

  • Television Production

  • Sports Broadcast Production

  • Movie Production Sites

  • Conventions and Trade Shows

  • Meetings and Conferences

  • Construction Sites

  • New Businesses

  • Temporary Offices

Copier rentals or short term copier rentals saves you money and time. As you use your copier machine, you will have to repeatedly change copier cartridges. As the months go by, you will have a collection of empty cartridges that you have to dispose of, but simply throwing them in with the garbage is potentially harmful to the environment.Over the years, ecological awareness has grown remarkably. People everywhere are trying to find ways to conserve and recycle resources. You can do your part in saving the earth by disposing of your copier cartridges in the right way. Here are some earth-friendly ways of getting rid of your copier cartridges: 1. Go to the place where you regularly buy your copier supplies. Most of these office supply stores will gladly take your empty copier cartridges and send them to recycling centers where they will be processed properly. In return, they will even give you freebies or discounts when you buy your new copier cartridges.2. In case your local office supply store does not offer these services, you can ask your local government officials. Almost every town and city in the country have recycling projects going on, and they will know what to do with recyclable items such as your copier cartridges.3. Charitable institutions will also be happy to take your used copier cartridges. They can sell these to recycling centers, or maybe to copier cartridge manufacturers, for recycling. The proceeds that they get will be helpful to the people in need in your town or city. 4. A growing number of copier cartridge companies are taking recycling to a new level as well. When you buy new copier cartridges from them, you will find a container in the box that you can use to send them your old, empty cartridges. The manufacturer pays for the postage, and they will even give you discounts in return.By disposing of your copier cartridges in the right manner, you will now only save the earth, but you can also help other people, and save some money for yourself as well.

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