In need of a short term or long term office copier or printer?

We carry state of the art  equipment, fast delivery and with IT Support –  Rent color or black & white copiers in large quantities for your temporary office setup. All of our copiers can be networked for large applications and are available with fast delivery and professional setup. We have been supporting the twin Cities market for over 25 years. We can deliver you copier or printer to any Convention Center,  or hotel, and anywhere in the US!

Xerox Copier Rentals

Nationwide short term copier rentals


  1. Copier/Printer/Multi-Function rentals include all service & maintenance, parts, toner, and supplies.  Customer only pays for paper.
  2. There are no long term contracts or lease agreements to sign.
  3. Wide selection of quality Business Copiers, Printers & MFP’s to fit your Imaging needs.  Photocopiers and Printer/Multi-Function
    Copier & printer rentals
    Copiers Rented In The US

    on Units can include Feeders, Sorters, (Duplex = Two Sided), Multiple Paper Trays, and Stapling.

  4. You can always change or cancel your program.  You can upgrade your copier anytime or get a smaller copier/printer.
  5. Our Month to Month Copier/Printer Rental Program means, no obligations to a long term contract or lease.
  6. Copier/Printer/Tech Service Staff are available throughout the Minneapolis /St. Paul Twin Cities Area 24/7 (optional).
  7. We are able to deliver your Copier/Printer the next day.

JR Copier of Minnesota short-term rental services provides copier – printer rental agreements that span one year or less. For information on these products or contract terms that are longer than one year.

  • Law Firm War Rooms

  • Audio Visual Companies

  • Special Scanning Projects

  • Television Production

  • Sports Broadcast Production

  • Movie Production Sites

  • Conventions and Trade Shows

  • Meetings and Conferences

  • Construction Sites

  • New Businesses

  • Temporary Offices

How do copier rentals or short term copier rentals saves you money and time.In the seven years that I was employed by two different copy manufacturing firms, I progressed from Sales Trainee to Sales Manager. In that period of time, I saw the copier industry change tremendously. For one thing, it is now called the digital imaging industry and sales representatives are hawking multifunctional digital devices that monochrome copy, color copy, monochrome print, color print, scan and fax. The new systems have the capability to install a myriad of software applications that will do everything short of bring you your morning coffee!Most digital imaging professionals are trained to consider themselves software specialists that happen to sell hardware, as well.The digital imaging industry attracts wonderful personnel that are ambitious, energetic and genuinely concerned about the well-being of their customers. Unfortunately, this industry also has an insanely high turnover rate due to the fact that this job isn't the easiest gig in town! The chances that you will be dealing with a complete newbie at the initial sales call are pretty high. This is why I suggest you keep these questions on file so that you can make sure you have covered all of your bases the next time you set out to buy or lease a multifunctional digital system. Questions to Ask Your Account Executive:1. Is your company a dealership or the actual manufacturer of the product? If a dealer, how long has the company distributed this brand? Is it the only brand you carry?2. Why did you propose this particular brand and model?3. What is the actual purchase price (if not listed)? What is included in the purchase price? Does it include a trade-in or buy-out on my current system? Are any optional accessories included?4. What does the lease payment include? Does it include a trade-in or buy-out on my current system? Is service or/and maintenance included? Are any optional accessories included?5. What are the terms of the lease? Is this a 36, 48, or 60 month term? Is this a $1.00 Buyout Lease or a Fair Market Value lease? If a FMV lease, what is the residual value at the end of term?6. If leasing, what are my options at the end of term? Can I return the equipment at any time during my lease (unlikely)?7. Is service and maintenance included in my lease payment? If so, how many monthly black/white copies or prints and color copies or prints are included in the price? What are the costs associated with any overages? Does a duplex copy or print count as two clicks? Does a legal size copy or print count as two clicks? Does an 11 x 17 copy or print count as two clicks? Are faxes and scans free of click charges?8. What is included in the cost of service and maintenance? Parts? Labor? Toner? Drum? Preventative Maintenance Kits? Paper (unlikely)?9. What kind of warranty and/or guarantee is provided by your company? Where can I access this in written form?10. Is the system you are proposing brand new or re manufactured or used equipment? 11. What year was this model originally designed?12. What is your average service response time? What is the average tenure of your service personnel?13. Where do your service personnel source parts from? What happens if service is out of a part that my system requires?14. When and where can I see a demonstration of this EXACT model?15. Do you have three to five customers in this area that I can talk to about your company and its products?16. Do you use a third-party for equipment leasing or does your company "carry its own paper" and act as the leasing company?17. What is the average turnaround time between ordering the product and delivery of the product?I know this is an exhaustive list, but, hopefully, I've brought up a few points that you had not considered and these questions will help you to make a more informed choice. Stay away from any company or representative that cannot answer these questions to your satisfaction. Copier rentals or short term copier rentals saves you money and time.

Ricoh Copier Long Term Rentals


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